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Corporate philosophy

Contribute to the society with initiative technology.

Yokohama Seiki will always hone our “original technology” in the field of develop/manufacture to supply benefits to society.

Through the activities, we will achieve “contributions to society” and our continuous development.

Our staff members will seek their own dreams to be recognized and stable stages for their lives.

Direction of corporate strategy

  • Honing an original technology to be the top of the group
  • Being No.1 on Customer satisfaction and Employee satisfaction
  • Keeping revenue and distributing them properly

Corporate and employees' social responsibility

  • Continuous development
    Achieving social contribution and employees' stable lives through continuous development.
  • Professional's work
    Honing skills on assigned work and exert them.
  • Pursuance of revenue
    Pursuing revenue through corporate activities and properly distribute them to interest party.
  • Social responsibility
    Not engaging what is against society or humanism.
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