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  • 1957 Established at Senda-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, as a business firm for stamping, processing & machining sheet metal products and manufacturing metal working machinery with 500 thousand yen in capital.

    Started the business for parts for automobiles, railway cars and boats & ships.
  • 1961 Accepted the order for body welding parts of Toyopet Corona cars and started up mass-production.
  • 1968 Built a new plant on the newly owned site at Sawara, Yokosuka. Increased the capital to two million yen.
  • 1971 Set a working process exclusive for the manufacturing railway car doors.
    Increased the capital to five million yen.
  • 1973 Developed a new simultaneous spot welding method on both sides of rail car doors. Increased the capital to ten million yen.Accepted the order for body welding jigs and started manufacturing.
  • 1982 Built a new building for the office work and the jig manufacturing. Increased the capital to twenty million yen.
  • 1983 Developed a new honeycomb bonding method and started production of light weight honeycomb construction doors for railway cars.
  • 1989 Assigned for a model plant of small and medium firms in Kanagawa prefecture.
  • 1990 Achieved an award by the Director-general of Science and technology agency Gained capital from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
  • 1991 Set an automated auto parts manufacturing process with the in-house technology.
  • 1999 Approved as an advanced business program for management by Kanagawa pref.
  • 2000 The body parts production for Toyota Corolla cars was shut down.
    Established a high speed bonding system.
  • 2001 Started up production of the side ceiling panel unit for E257 railway cars.
    Proposition of a high hardness Art-tech.
    Development of the wing partitions for railway cars with die-less molding machinery.
    Started up production of the slide-down side window set for railway cars.
    Started up mass-production of the ceiling panel (side) unit with integrated air gallery for railway cars.
  • 2003 Delivery of the 1st stage prototype of the lavatory unit for N700 cars.
  • 2004 Cooperating production of the lifter parts for automobile.
  • 2006 Transferred manufacturing method for doors of CR200EM.
  • 2007 50th anniversary since establishment
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