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Die-less forming

Newly developed method of sheet metal forming.

Die-less forming, a new sheet-metal forming method, creates required shapes easily using 3D Data, instead of the stamping method or skilled technique.
We challenged/achieved the new technology to complete parts of wing partitions

The basic idea of Die-less forming, or Incremental NC forming

A forming method for the work, processed material, fixed on the X-Y axis table with pressing the ball-shaped mobile tool fitted at the top of Z axis using contour line data.

* The method was developed and patented by a Prof. of Polytechnic University

Only the head part of work is fixed. The other part is formed in the air with data.
Forming view on videoForming view on video (continued)

Main characters

  • Supply formed sheet metal parts with higher quality and lower cost instead of
        existing handmade method.
  • Supply formed parts, difficult with existing handmade method, easily.
  • Mechanization makes technology transfer, previously difficult, easier.

Successful example products

Wing partition for railway cars
General description of development
Wing partitions at both sides of long benches of railway cars, developed with new technology. They have recycle-friendliness, lighter weight, lower cost and shorter lead time. They are achieved with a synergy effect of each element technology.

Cross section surface of product and developed element technologies

Production system at Yokosuka Seiki, from planning to completion.

Die-less Forming
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