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Railway car doors

Doors of various kind - domestic share = 50%

Having manufactured doors and guard bars, of various kind, for JR, Private railway, Shin-kansen and Cars for export treating complex 3D shape with advanced technology.
The fifty percents (50%*) of doors newly manufactured domestically will be our products. And at the market of doors requires advanced technology, e.g. Cockpit doors for Shin-kansen, our share will reach seventy-five pecents (75%).

* By in-house calculation on manufacturing plan for whole of railway cars, including JR, Private railway, Public railway and Export.

Side slide door (cockpit door) Front through door

N700, New Nozomi JR Tokai

Tsukuba Express
Slide-down door, Fixed door Wing partition --- First Die-less product

Subway car window, once fixed, is made to be open up and down for the purpose of emergency escape. Our original technology is used at the opening part of the window.

Left: Tsukuba Epress
Right: Model 4000
          (Odakyu Electric Railway)
Aluminum panel, print-painted, die-less formed and bonded.
Railway car doors
Railway car panels