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Technology transfer to China

Transferred our manufacturing method, for railway car's doors, to a Chinese manufacturer. A further global development is on plan.

Yokohama Seiki started technology, of the Shin-kansen door manufacturing, transfer to Ultimate Company, Tsingtao, Shandong, China in 2006.

We accepted nine trainees, for technique and skill, from Ultimate in 2006. They were assigned to the door manufacturing process. Our several trainers were dispatched to Tsingtao three times in 2006. Furthermore, seven Ultimate staff members were accepted on Dec. 2006 to develop the side slide-down door for commuter cars in cooperation.

Ultimate, have already accepted European technologies and human resources, supposedly wants to learn Japanese original system, such as the built-in quality and multi-skilled workers.

On the language problem, Ultimate has dispatched interpreters. On actual work, we put compatibility on data of both sides and used much e-mails and pictures for further commoditization and understanding.

We achieved CR200EMU model up to make commercial operation through technology transfer(for further detail, refer the press release documents). We, Yokosuka Seiki and Ultimate, have established a concrete mutual confidence to achieve Side slide-doors/fixed doors(for Tokyo Metro, etc.).

Taking the technology transfer as an opportunity, we are going to have proposition-oriented business activities with overseas partners. For that purpose, we will develop and supply our original products meeting to requirements of big scale overseas railway car manufacturers.

A press report concerning the commercial operation of CR200EMU cars.
A Chinese restaurant in Tsingtao. Staff members of Ultimate and Yokosuka Seiki, 2006.
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Technology transfer to China